Baby swaddled laying on a bed

Capturing your family's newest addition

This incredibly special moment frozen in time through my camera's lens you will enjoy and share those memories forever.

Baby in onesie and hat in a crib
Man holding a baby and both the man and a woman staring at him
Baby in overalls laying on a wooded surface
Naked baby sleeping on a blanket
Man and woman holding and staring at a baby
Woman holding a baby on it's stomach as it lays in a crib
Woman holding baby as it's nestled into her neck
Baby swaddled and laying on a blanket
Arial shot of woman holding a baby
Naked baby laying on a blanket
Swaddled baby
Swaddled baby laying in a crib
Baby in a onesie in a crib with a baby announcement on a letter board behind it
Woman holding baby in front of a window
Arial shot of woman holding and looking down at a baby